Massage chair MD-L8000

Masážní křeslo MD-L8000

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Unique massage mode


Based on the weightless principle, which make the body incline in the optimized posture, the center of gravity is in the fat hip position, fully release the pressure of back and legs, the full body is alike in the weightless state. It can relieve the ache of muscle more effectively when enjoying the massage in this sate. Meanwhile, matching the cradle type movement, it seems children lying down in the cradle, helpfully improve the sleep and ease the body and mind.


Adopting the stretch technique of Thai massage, focus on the waist & bac, matching the patent of pressing shoulder technology, by fixing the shoulder and the Top-back movement, make the soft tissues between the spines fully relax, enjoy the whole process of tension & loosing bone massage test.

Shoulder push

Adopting the shoulder push technique of Thai massage, by massaging the nerve of the spines two sides, effectively relax the muscle, reduce the spine of shoulder pressure, and keep the back straight & upright. For the persons who work long in the office, the patent of pressing shoulder technology can adjust the balance of the shoulder, effectively remove the feeling of repression, increasing the heart-lung function.

Spine relax

Soft air-pressure massage skills, together with the newest L7 patent of air-pressure technology (T3), massage the waist and hip unidirectionally, combined with the swinging mode, effectively facilitate the motion of pelvis and the blood circulation, improve the Chilly sensation caused by disorder of vital energy and blood body ect on.

Innovation design

Male & Female programs

With one-button-click startup design, the chair can be started or rest by pressing one button only. You may fully enjoy comfort brought about by massage.

Innovative male & female mode, with it it is convenient for you to Select the programs according to the strength and favorite.

8 automatic programs can satisfy your different needs.

Unique air pressure pausing design, with it it is convenient for you to adjust your body posture at any time.

The lengthened tracking of massage

The lengthened tracking of massage technology, which embrace the whole vertebration and strengthen the caudal vertebrate massage, precisely press the important acupoints in the hip, facilitate blood circulation, effectively ease waist legs pains and sciatica.

Air-pressure in the hip

Improved "W" shaped air-bag design, together with the newest L7 patent of air-pressure technology. The two sides airbags massage the hip appropriately, relax the muscle in the hip. The middle airbags not only stimulate towel, promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve the digest system, but also stimulate the acupoints in the hgip, thus prevent hemorrhoid and gynecopathy.

Heating function

Especially set up far-infrared heating function at the waist, keen and ankle joints. The penetrating force of far-infrared ray can reach the depth of muscle joints to effectively speed up blood circulation, activate tissue cells and enhance ummunity.

Head massage

The new improved design can satisfy the needs of different people, matching the newest L7 patent of air-pressure technology, effectively improve migraine and trigeminal neuralgia, enhance the quality of sleep.

Neck and waist massage

The new improved design massage these positions better, fully relax the hurt positions, effectively improve the sub-healthy state.

Hand massage

The new improved hand position design supply more comfortable space, avoid the squeezing feeling which caused by ill-set, matching 3-section airbags pressure, effectively release the muscle hurt and take precautions against the hands numb and "mouse-hand"

Back massage

The new improved design, matching soft massage skills, deeply relax the neck muscle and vertebra.

Foot massage

The newest roller and finger press, vibration compounded massage mode and the particular far-infrared heating function, effectively facilitate lymph expelling toxins; simulated shiatsu of human beings to deeply stimulate reflecting regions to enhance immunity.

Caudal vertebrae massage

The lengthened tracking of massage design, which precisely reach the caudal vertebrae, meanwhile cover the muscles of two sides, effectively prevent sciatica constipation and hemorrhoids.


Based on the Zero-gravity design principle, make the body incline in the optimized posture, the center of gravity is in the hip position, fully release the pressure of back and legs, the full body is alike in the weightless state. Matching the automatic "Weightless" massage procedure, enjoy the comfortable massage feeling.

Pressure shoulder

Imitate Thai massage, make the body fix on the massage chair, meanwhile the airbags in the back positions pressure upward, matching the automatic "Weightless" massage procedure, effectively massage the muscle of the shoulders, and helpful to the chest.


By the technology of L7 air-pressure stabilizing system, the air pump and solenoid valve and airbag connect together; realize big power and high speed and steady air-pressure and all body air-pressure massage; meanwhile matching IC formula to make the massage reach "Hold and Release" feeling.

Product specification

Tracking 800mm
Timer setting 15min automated timed shut down automatically
Rating Voltage 220-240V~
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Power consumption 200W
Maximum load capacity 130kg
Gross Weight 156kg
Net Weight 125kg
Dimensions in base position 1450 x 880 x 1330 mm (length - width - height)
Dimension for massage chair MD-L8000

Massage chair MD-L8000

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