Massage chair MD-A720

Levné masážní křeslo MD-A720

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Function massage chair

3D massage - 6 massage roller

Horizontal movement with six roller, allowing more intensive and more in - dept massage.

Shoulder and armrest is one

Combining shoulder and armrest in one, allowing uninterrupted continuity massage experience.

Sliding seat for better space control

Intelligent seat that slide forward, save space when resting downward, it never rests downward, it slides forward without wasting extra space.

NASA intelligent Zero Gravity technology

Synchronization of backrest, seat, and legrest, realizing 126° ±7° zero gravity massage experience. Zero Gravity is recognizable by NASA space standart routine.

Precise reflexology

More precise foot reflexology setting, enable more accurate reflexology point massage.

Precision acupoints and meridian tracking massage

Precision tracking is a technique that uses customized multi tracker and sensor, and gathering data of thousands on acupoints and meridian body position, and eventually programmed and designed an intelligent precision tracker to identify the actual position of body acupoints and meridian.

Synchronization of foot and back

According to TCM, the meridians betwen foot and back are connected, therefore 7805 massage was programmed based on the theory of 12 meridians position, and synchronization between foot and back.

Multi-layer airbags

Surface of the airbag is like human palm and the multi-layer is to speed up the inhale and exhale of the airbag to ensure the flexibility of the massage is closer to human massage.

Fashionable outlook, light up your life

Fashionable outlook, elegant body lining, embellishing with lovely LED light. It lights up your interior, lights up your life.

Product specification

Tracking 700mm
Timer setting 10/20/30 minutes
Rating Voltage 220-240V~
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Power consumption 200W
Maximum load capacity 130kg
Gross Weight 119,5kg
Net Weight 98,5kg
Dimensions in base position 1500 x 830 x 1200 mm (length - width - height)

Massage chair MD-A720

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