Massage chair MD-A700

Luxury massage chair MD-A700
With global leading science and technology, massage chair create the new standart function assembly and work on the intelligent massage system with luxurious style. The massage chair is with 61 airbags, 18 valves, 8 permanent magnets and 2 air pumps. The chair at your home will bring you a supreme massage and health.

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With global leading science and technology, massage chair create the new standart function assembly and work on the intelligent massage system with luxurious style. The massage chair is with 61 airbags, 18 valves, 8 permanent magnets and 2 air pumps. The chair at your home will bring you a supreme massage and health.

3D Intelligent massage technology

Intelligent three-dimensional massage hands combine professional massage skill to the massage chair to realize multidimensional and aspect stereo massage. Intelligent massage hands imitate professional massagist method to do the following massage action. knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist. The maximum stretch space is 12cm, so this mechanical hands can do effective masssage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra that ordinary massage chair cannot extend.

Back massage range

Comprehensively back massage: the intelligent massage hands can move up and down on shoulder, neck, back and waist, detect the body curves automatically, the width can be adjusted automatically within 6-21cm, the vertical travel can up to 81cm, could achieve comprehensive coverage on back, from Fengchi point to shengshu point, increase 20% compared with traditional back massage, fit for different body figure.

Acupoint autoinduction system

Optional sensor can accurately detect the main human acupoints. It is autodetection and fine adjustment function will give you exclusive massage program with perfect massage position.

Arms air pressure massage

With 8 airbags on each side of the arms, focus on hand sanli point, neiguan point with pulse air pressure massage, provide you rhythmed pulse point stimulate, completely relax from arm to finger, refresh yourself.

Buttock airbags massage

Set with airbags massage equipment according to human buttock curve to completely cover and massage thigh. Air inflating and deflating of different airbags and vibration alternately can stimulate Huanzhong and Changqiang points to reduce redundant proud flesh.

Back-waist twist

Airbags filling and releasing on the back can drive human waist swing left and right. This move can adjust the spine to relieve muscle stiffnes effectively.

Chest and shoulder massage

With 4 airbags on upper arms, combined with intelligent massage hands, focus on jianliao point and naoshu point to massage, make you up body obtain enough stretch.

Carbon fiber far infrared heating function

40°C-50°C back heating function can relieve coldness and pain on your back. The emissive far infrared wave lenght coincides with human body wave lenght, so the energy can be absorbed by human cell, which can activate cell and promote metabolism.

Adjustable head cushion and tumblet type upper arms

With humanized design in head cushion, it can adjust freely within 10cm, fit for different body height, with hommonized design on upper arms, it can move up and down within range 20cm, the maximum angel is 40 degree, can fit for different body height.

Waist stretch

This creative function is based on the chiro conception, it can widen the space between vertebral body to avoid bone spur and cartilage oppression on nerve. In this way, herniateddisk and muscle stiffness problems can be solved.

Extended calf and knee heating

The calf rest lenght can be adjusted according to the users height. The maximum length can be stretched to 23cm to make sure the whole body get formfitting massage. Matched with knee carbon fiber heating skill, this calf massage can stimulate LiangQiu and Du Bi accupunture point to promote leg blood circulation and avoid or relieve some relevant knee knee joint sympton

Linkage armrest

Armrest can automatically slide according to the backrest tile degree. When the chair is under being adjusted condition, the users can massage the hand and waist in a natural posture.

Thai sole Gua Sha massage

Designed with three rows rollers on sole, 88 stereoscopic balls combine emulational hand touch with advanced roller technology, supply guasha massage like professional massagist, massage Yongquan point on sole, no matter ba steady gently or massage gradually strong, both can bring you unprecedented comfort and enjoyment.

Leg airbag massage

Different shapes of airbags full wrap on legs, ankle and foot, massage on foot sanli point, taixi point, kunlun point, press, stop, relax interactive air pressure massage, make you feel good and achieve harmony between man and nature's realm.

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy with accurately positioned 8 300CC permanent magnets can improve human low-grade magnetite situation by stimulating calf reflect points.


VFD controller is gorgeous design and easily operated. Microcomputer chip controlled makes performance more stable and excellent. It flashes by letting phosphor from anode be attacked by electron. Compared with other display group, it has wider horizon and angle clearer display effect, perfect and effective controlling effective. Photoelectricity navigation will bring you refresh in version and touch.

Double controller

ain controller with VFD display can reflect massage position and methodcan set , besides, it can adjust and control each massage function. Subsidiary controller is compact and light, you can open the cover to choose as you like.

Three memo modes

Three individual memory function will meet you and your family memebers requirement on specially designed massage method. Any massage method and other function combination you and your family members like can be tored in corresponding keys through A/B/C memory keys, which will dispel fatigue after exercise and give you and your family a strong body. You only need to touch lightly the corresponding key to start the former set memory mode when enjoy next time.

Eight automatic massage programs

3D - Rush group

Intelligent 3D massage system combines professional massage techniques to massage chair to achieve multi-dimensional and aspect massage and fully release your fatique from one days hard working.

Memory program ABC - sportsman

Advanced accurate force from roller system combined with comfortable shiatsu from air pressure, dispelling your fatigue after exercise, bring you a healthy body.

Relaxed - student group

Kneading and air pressure massage programs, like the real person touch, brings you joyful experience, effectively get rid of fatigue and relieve stress.

Full air pressure - computer user group

Comfortable automatic massage program makes you enjoy the ultimate massage fun in comfortable massage and remove regional office syndrome from mouse.

Ache-improving - labour group

Specially designed to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, like Gua Sha approach, stretching back muscles, relax muscles, relieve fatigue.

Fixed time - housewife group

You can start the timing function, adjust the massage time, it will supply with continued strong power, making your noon break better, more beautiful, sweeter.

Comfort - old people group

Completely real pressure massage designs from neck to sole, arms to your finger tips, will provide you with unparalleled full-body massage experience and fully relieve skin.

Waist stretch - beauty love group

Airbags filling and releasing on the back can drive human waist swing left and right. This move can adjust the spine position to shape light posture.

Audio frequency interface

Audio frequency equipment access port design can give you synchronous music massage, which can make you enjouy music rhythm during massage.

3D digital sound

Unique 3D surround stereo sound can bring you into music world when relax ourself and make you feel perfect dusion of music and massage.

LED colorfull aesthetic light

Enjoy perfect fusion of body and mind in the flashing neon light. Under colorful light, you will enter a mottled dreamlike world.

Product specification

Rating Voltage 220-240V~
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 200W
Standby Power < 0,5W
Maximum load capacity 130kg
Gross Weight 150kg
Net Weight 125kg
Noise < 58dB
Dimensions in base position 1380 x 930 x 1350 mm (length - width - height)

Massage chair MD-A700

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