Massage chair MD-A51

Massage chair MD-A51

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Massage chair based on biomechanics, ergonomics and model physical therapy, aim to human skeletal characteristics, combine with model physics stretch, point, magnet therapy, total with 37air bags, 8 permanent magnets and 1 air pump. It will bring you supreme massage experience when you at home, keep health and activity every day.

Cheap massage chair MD-A51 for home

Have a pain on waist and back, stiff neck, the main problem is the vertebra. Vertebra medical products apply with international leading technology, 2D detection function can find the points according your body height, from the Fengchi point on neck to Yongquan point on sole, relate to more than 500 points on the body, bring you the professional and comfortable physical therapy, solve the problem of sub healthy, refresh yourself.

Masáž celého těla
Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands

Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands

Intelligent mechanical massage hands continuing gather curve data on the back and imitate professional masseur skill to realize multidimensional and aspect stereo massage. Intelligent massage hands imitate professional massagist method to do the following massage action: knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist. The maximum stretch space is 6,5cm and the maximum stretch angle is 41 degrees, so the mechanical hands can do effective massage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra. This method can guarantee back can get even strength massage, can compared with professional massagist method, refresh yourself and relieve your fatigue.

Back massage range

Back massage range

Intelligent mechanical hands can move up and down on neck, shoulder, back and waist. They can automatically induce human curve and the range can be as wide as 21cm, vertically route 73cm, full cover with human back.

Back width adjustment

Back width adjustment

"S" shape curve supporting body is a combination of back massage structure combines human engineering principle, so it can make back massage accurately positioned. The width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm, with three options.

Back padding

Back crash cushion

The back crash cushon connected with the massage chair back cushion by zipper, can enhance or reduce massage strength when put on or take off it, adjust it as you like, share more comfortable massage.

Arms massage

Arms airbags massage

With 8 airbags on each side of the arms, focus on hand sanli point, neiguan point with pulse air pressure massage, provide you rhythmed pulse point stimulate, completely relax from arm to finger, refresh yourself.

Buttock massage

Buttock airbags massage

Set with airbags massage equipment according to human buttock curve to completely cover buttock and thigh, air inflating and deflating can stimulate Huangtiao, Changqiang and Huiyin point to reduce redundant proud flesh.

Stretching legs and arms

Arms stretch and legs stretch

This function can stretch small intenstine meridian, foot lunar kidney to activate bone regeneration, relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness to keep healthy.

Foot overturn

Overturn foot supporting design, the supporting and the foot part can turn to flat cambered surface to guarantee more comfortable on foot massage.

Extension of the footrest

Calf rest extended stepless

According to different body height, the calf rest frame can extended freely, the maximum extend length can up to 15 cm, to make sure the full body can get formfitting massage.

Feet massage

Foot mastoid massage

Emulational hand touch with advanced roller technology can supply Guasha massage like professional massagist, massage focus on Yongquan point on sole, no matter by gently steady massage but also gradually strong massage can bring unprecedented comfort and enjoyment.

Legs massage

Air pressure massage on legs

Different shapes of airbags full wrap on legs, ankle and foot, massage on Foot sanli point, Taixi point, Kunlun point, press, stop, relax interactive air pressure massage, make you feel good and achive harmony between man and nature's realm.


Magnetic therapy

With accurately positioned 8 300cc permanent magnets, can improve human low-grade magnetite situation by stimulating calf reflect points.


Microcomputer controlled chip makes performance more stable and excellent. It has clearer display effect, perfect and effective controlling effect.

Time setting function

You can choose massage time according to your requirement by this function, enjoy continues massage.

Whole machine linkage

Set with double motors stepless adjuster, combined with back and leg two parts linkage function, the angle can be adjusted according to users habits, to make you fully relaxed and free massage experience.

Controller for chair MD-A51

Massage memory function

The memory modes allow you to save the preferred current settings and access them during your next massage session.

Return to Storage Position

Automatic return of the massage hands and backrest to storage position on power off.

Other Available Colors for the iRest A51 Massage Chair

This massage chair is also available in other colors. You can now select the color which best suits the décor of your home.

You can choose among 5 available colors of the iRest A51 massage chair: cream, beige, red, gray, black, or brown.

Product specification

Rating Voltage 220-240V~
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 120W
Standby Power < 0,5W
Maximum load capacity 130kg
Gross Weight 86kg
Net Weight 75kg
Noise < 58dB
Dimensions in base position 1120 x 760 x 1250 mm (length - width - height)
Dimension of massage chair MD-A51

Massage chair MD-A51

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