Massage-Sessel MD-A780

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Massage-Sessel MD-780

Neuer Massagesessel MD-A780 für professionelle Massage. Dieser Massagesessel verfügt über 3D-Massagesystem, Funktion Nullraum, L-Formschiene, Heizung und vieles mehr.

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Meridian as mentioned in "Huang Di Medication Theory" Harmonious in Meridians coordination is the main criterion in medication. The fundamental of MADdiamond massage chair MD-A780 innovation is base on TCM theory, such as 12 Meridians to massage the specific Meridian and Acupuncture points, it helps improve blood circulation, activate the body function harmonious between Yin and Yang. Yin belongs to Fu, Yang belongs to Zankg, Yin match with Yang, and Zang match with Fu. Hence a complete and harmonious Meridian net work in the body are well formed. Coordination between Yin and Yang. Zang and Fu is crucial in body healthiness and medication, Maintain the harmonious of Meridianas coordination is the main criterion affecting the sickness.

Acupoint and pulse tracking makes the massage more accurate

With initiative body detection technique and acupoint pulse tracking theory, according to thousand years Chinese traditional medicine massage theory and body physical features, using the bionics intelligent detection system, MD-A780 chair can detect the neck, shoulder, back, waist and buttock and provide a more accurate deeper massage and fixed point massage for the users in different height, bring the users a more professional Chinese traditional medicine massage experience.

The effect of massage

Stretch Massage

Suitable for massage after work or Dinner, which can release the whole day tired, fast and help refection.

Relax Massage

It is good for rest in the morning or at noon. Do deep massage for muscular tissue and help enhance the vitality of the muscle to get the better relax.

Fatigue recovery

It is good for the people who siting in the office long time and easy tired people, stretch body and help refection.

Pain relieve

It is good for removing the pain from the back, waist and neck, which can do special massage for any part of the body, then relieve pain effectively.

3D Patented massage machine, Deep extreme experience

MADidamond MD-A780 massage chair with intelligent soft 3D massage machine in back, it break through the limitation of common massage chair can't do deep massage on acupoints of neck and waist part, realize omni-directional stereometric formula massage on back, effect shoulder pressing, shoulder grabbing, shoulder kneading function, realize deep massage.

Comfortable air pressure massage makes the massage more comfortable

With the full body airbag surrounding massage and unique simulation palm airbag technique, MD-780 provides a delicate and soft air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, seat, calf and feet, promoting the blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints and eliminating fatigue.

Progressive airbags are the multi-layer ones which can conduct weak or strong deep massage on the muscles and acupoints, thus better realizing the traditional Chinese Medicine massage theory.

Mikro space intelligent sliding forward function make your life more beautiful

MD-A780 with new micro space intelligent sliding technology keeps only 8cm from the wall, slide forward automatically after switching on, saving space and displaying a perfect intelligent home concept.

Heating back massage roller, perfect massage

Massage chair MD-A780 uses pioneering heating massage roller technology, heating overall while the roller massage the shoulder, back, waist and buttocks. Combined with soles heating function, Forming the unique warm moxibustion system. Improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue effectively, greatly improved the massage effect. (Patent number of heating massage device: ZL 2014 1 0330384.3)

Super long L shape rail design, great sense of buttock massage

MD-780 adopt super long L shape raildesign. With patent 3D massage machine, break through the massage chair in current market can't effect waist and hip massage situation. It can do deep massage on neck, shoulder, back, waist and buttocks parts, massage range more comprehensive and careful, let you enjoy comfortable massage feeling.

Master technique. More professional massage experience

MD-A780 massage chair applied Chinese medicine massage patent, based on fast reversal technique, except for the traditional mode of kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, kneading & tapping, it adds special function of finger kneading and back rubbing, which can realize more exquisite and comfortable massage manipulation, and exceed hand massage experience.

How can we waste time on boring waiting in such busy days? MD-A780 'fast reversing technology" provide you most comfortable massage experience.

New Zero Gravity position, improve sleeping quality

Synchronization back rest, seat and leg rest by multi angle changeable module, realizing best zero gravity massage experience. Creating a completely relax, natural and comfortable massage posture, reducing heart and spine pressure, Increasing blood and oxygen supply for the brain, improving sleeping quality, eliminating fatigue.

The most comfortable "Zero Gravity" massage
Based on the NASA Zero Gravity theory, and fundamental of TCM, we created the most comfortable "Zero Gravity" massage position.

Tips: Zero Gravity is when you body under the most natural and complete relaxation poise, legs are higher than body, realizing 128° ±7°, it keeps body function in the best status.

Music massage relieve and relax: make the enjoyment of nature

MD-A780 is equiped with two high quality loudspeaker by the side of the head, which can broadcast MP3 music by Bluetooth, meanwhile, rhythm of the music adjusts the massage rhythm. It smooths your soul and relax your body.

Three smart control, easy operate

Massage chair MD-A780 can be controler by LCD remote control, Bluetooth, App and so on. Wide screen fashion remote control, menu style design, more than 10 massage programs choice, simple and easy to use. Built in bluetooth module, which is convenient to realize mobile control and play music and download App special software from official chanel. Realize the personalized customization and meet different health body to use.

Control panel: operation system

  • Overall automatic massage

    In order to meet varies requirements, we provide ten automatic massage program what designed by professional massagist, which are quick experience, Chinese medicine massage, tibia stretch, music synchronization.

  • Section automatic massage

    Convenient for user to choose massage section and technique by separate operation, we can choose neck, waist, upper body, lower body, overall airbag massage directly.

  • Manual adjustment

    In order to meet user's extra requirements. We separated the adjustment of massage section, technique and speed. User can adjust all programs and design one special masssage system accordingly.

  • Timing

    User can set up massage time, intensity and masssage area to achive perfect massage effect, three languages optional.

Linked together, humanized massage

According to ergonomics concept, massage chair link armrest and backrest together to realize whole body massage. The customers could enjoy more delicate massage experience.

Space capsule type arm air pressure massage

Massage chair use space capsule type armrest, embedded type air bags and dotted surface. The arms could get comfortable massage in any angle of the chair. Combined with air pressure massage on seat, leg parts and zero gravity function, make your body enjoy the comfortable.

Independent legrest design, for individual massage need

The legrest for MD-A780 is designed with independent control, to suit individual intensity needs, providing customized massage for different massage need.

Skin—friendly leather material

Massage chair MD-A780 is made by imported fire resistant leather and more feature like surface clean, odorless and fit body, provide you a healthy and comfortable massage experience.

Green and energy—saving

Massage chair with low enemy consumption. Massage chair working power is 200W, the energy consumption is only 1W in standby mode, meet europe ECO standard. The internal structure is the constant pressure design, motor, valve and air pump are using 24V safety voltage.

Strict inspection ensures reliable quality

Each part and the complete massage chair are produced under the strict production standard. There are 5 major categories over 169 quality inspection procedures for a massage chair. For example: The raw materials inspection, semi-finished products assembly process inspection, the assembly inspection, the product ex-factory inspection. The pursuit of perfection in quality is all for consumers' perfect experience.

Product specification

Defaut timer 20 minut
Timer setting 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Noise < 53dB
Power consumption 200W
Standby power consumption 1W
Rating Voltage and Frequency AC 120V/220V, 50Hz
Maximum load capacity 130kg
Net Weight 104kg
Dimensions in base position 1500 x 820 x 1230 mm (length - width - height)
Dimensions in fully reclined position 1900 x 820 x 920 mm (length - width - height)

Massage-Sessel MD-A780